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Schenectady Light Opera
427 Franklin Street
Schenectady, NY 




Company Operations

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Tom Della Sala, President
Robert Farquharson, Vice President
Kimberly Reilly, Secretary
Paul Franklin, Treasurer
Nell Burrows, Business Manager

Board members elected at the June 7th, 2013 Annual Meeting for a 3 year term:

Peter Caracappa           
Tom Della Sala  
Gary Hoffmann
Kim Reilly (1 year term)

Continuing elected members remaining on the Board:

Robert Farquharson     
Jane Figueroa      
Michael Gatzendorfer
Robert Harrison            
Sev Moro

Remaining on the Board as a voting member appointed from the Community at Large:                                                           

Nell Burrows

We would like thank the following for their contributions as members of the Board:

Kate Kaufman-Burn, Ex-officio Past President
Ann Parillo
Doug Peek
Brett Putnam       

Director of Artistic Operations– Sev Moro
Chair of Audience Services – Melinda Zarnoch
Chair of Facilities and Renovations – Bob Farquaharson
Chair of Finance Committee – Peter Caracappa
Chair of Marketing – Michael McDermott
Show Recommendation Committee – Jane Figueroa, Brett Putnam
Director of Technical Operations – Michael Gatzendorfer
Youth Committee – Jane Figueroa