Company Operations

2015-2016 Board Officers

Peter Caracappa, President
Nell Burrow, Vice President
Bob Thayer, Treasurer
Kimberly Reilly, Secretary

2015- 2016 Board of Directors

Jacqueline Barkenhagen
Nell Burrows
Peter Caracappa
Thomas Della Sala
Robert Farquarson
Michael Gatzendorfer
Gary Hoffmann
Denise Murphy McGraw
Connie Rauhauser Rowe
Kimberly Reilly
Jill Ross

Audience Services Chair – Connie Rauhauser Rowe
Artistic Chair - Michael Gatzendorfer
Membership and Volunteers Chair – Jacqueline Barkenhagen
Finance Committee Chair – Peter Caracappa
Business Manager – Nell Burrows
Technical Operations Chair – Patrick Reilly
Youth Committee Chair –
Facilities and Renovations Chair – Robert Farquharson
Marketing and Publicity Chair – Denise Murphy McGraw
Show Recommendation Committee Chairs –